Be a ladder to your children’s dreams

The plant becomes strong if roots are strong. Be strong roots for your children. Let your children breathe in fresh air of their dreams…..Don’t make them prisoners of your thoughts instead become their ladders to reach their dreams when they are right. Set examples for them. Don’t be a spoil spot… Let them enjoy their life in their own way.
Today’s is the generation of children with high thoughts and modernism in their behavior. They want to compete with the time every minute. They strive hard to earn their livelihood as soon as they complete their higher studies. Parents should also keep pace with their dreams.

Let them dream more so that they can do more

child hug
Supporting children has become essential for parents or they move to the path of lying. They find it easy to lie rather than bearing the arrogance of their parents when they do something wrong. Be it a child or youngster all are often tempted to lie. What makes them lie?
It’s the fear of punishment.. Fear of punishment forces a person to either hide his mistake or blame the one who is not guilty and not even aware of the present situation. By lying they not only hide their mistakes but also spoil their character.

Telling the truth and making someone cry is better than telling a lie and making someone smile.

As said by Paolo Coelho.
Being a liar is a biggest negative remark to our character. In life, we often meet people who are addicted to lying without any cause. It’s not a habit adopted so easily. It changes into habit only when we daily do the same. Children adopt a habit of lying to their parents regarding their classwork, homework, their marks… Just because of fear of getting punished, they keep on lying to their parents. But what would happen when they grow up and do the same at their work??
In their childhood children become successful in making fool of their parents and adopt the habit of the same, which affects their job and social life in future. And when they are titled as a liar then only they realize about the habit they adopted…of lying. So it’s better not to be habitual to these timeless virtues and concentrate on the betterment of life.
Wisdom always lies in the truth.
Truth is like a surgery. It hurts but it cures and lie is like a painkiller. It gives instant relief but has side effects forever. Handling children with smartness has become essential for every parent. Let their dreams touch the sky. Don’t underestimate them by dominating them. Do make them realize when they are wrong, but don’t try to rule them because we all know that…..
“Relationships hold tightly doesn’t last for long and held loosely will last forever”.
enjoy with children

Don’t imprision their dreams rather be a part of their dreams