Try to be breaths of your married life


But dreams can’t be fulfilled until and unless you have support of your loved ones
Here’s a short story of a daily routine of a wife and husband…
Oh, Honey! come here; let’s talk about some lovely and romantic moments…but honey replied….no baby I’m feeling sleepy. Wife was talking and honey slept… It was every day’s matter since they got married. But once mobile ringed he gets up and addiction to mobile took him deep into the ocean of addiction… It’s 1:00…1:30…2:00….2:30 and he was still enjoying his swim in the ocean of addiction and suddenly a fish came…..his wife
Honey what’s this??
husband-wife dispute
Two hours earlier you were feeling so sleepy and now you are so much busy with your mobile as if there is no need to sleep at night too… No! No! Baby that’s not the matter!!! Let me clearly tell you what the matter is….wife said…it’s like that you can live without me, but can’t take a single breath without your mobile… It’s being five years of our marriage but I’m unable to get how to grab your attention above your addiction to mobile… Now I’m done… I can’t tolerate it anymore…
Tomorrow I’m leaving for my mom’s house and don’t try to call me….until and unless your addiction gets less. Got It! A wife even after getting so tired of doing whole days’ work enthusiastically tries to give time to her husband but he disrespected her feelings due to his addiction….
Relationships depend on regards, respect and above all the time you give to your loved ones. So always try to spend quality time with your friends and family and try to get out of the ocean of addiction for the sake of your relations…
It’s up to you whether to take your married life in darkness or brightness. No two humans are same. All possess different qualities whether they are siblings or cousins…all are different. Even after taking birth from one mother’s womb, children are different so how can one person be same as another one. In life to carry on any relation smoothly adjustments and compromises are needed.

Source: Jay Shetty

COMPROMISE is the backbone of any relation. Without it, no relationships last long. Among all, married life is the most valuable relation to be carried in the right direction for the sake of your partner and for the family too. Partners should become strengths of each other and not the weakness.
Ego is the root cause of spoiling any relation.
So don’t let ego take away your relations in its depth. Make understanding the base and heart core of your relationships to make it lasts longer. Just try to look into yourselves before complaining to your partners. Husbands think that we are earning and running home smoothly and wives think that due our whole day efforts only home is carried on smoothly. Both appreciate their works….. But the truth is that due to the efforts made by both sides a home runs smoothly… This shows ego, misunderstanding, and lack of cooperation. Appreciation is needed to maintain harmony between partners. It’s never too late to learn from mistakes. So do good and get good

Don’t take your relations to the heights of misunderstanding, instead appreciate each other’s efforts and value your relations.