Girly thoughts, very hot, demands freedom at every walk

Oh my god, what a shit! Do I have to manage with his family….No mom, please…… I don’t want to get married. No doubt he is a nice person but I can’t manage with his family.
Proud Girls
What a bullshit! Only this much salary….I can’t manage in this much salary mom and dad. You know my lifestyle. This much income is not enough to fulfill my needs so I don’t want to get married to this guy.
Just see his face. He is looking so proud. I can’t be a shoe of one’s feet. I am an independent girl. I can’t bear if anybody dictates me. I want to live the kind of life I want.
Independent Girl
The above mentioned are some of the examples of the views of the girls regarding marriage. Today’s girls are so demanding that they rarely like anybody in front of them. They are self-confident, have so much attitude, proud, but the main thing which is needed to carry on any relation smoothly is lacking among girls nowadays and that is compromise. Girls don’t like themselves to be compared to the others. They think they are the one and only of their own type. Sometimes this overconfidence makes them lose precious things in life.
Girls nowadays like strong personalities. They like to be called strong, then to be called pretty. They want the best in life. Strong personality doesn’t mean that they are not emotional.

Today’s girl’s funda is:

No Expectations, No Disappointments

If they are single then too they are happy because they know that they are strong enough to fulfill their needs and dreams.
If they are not single then too they are happy as they know that they can fulfill their needs and desires and drive their life smoothly.

But later in life, all single personalities realize that they want a partner who cares for them and then they realize that they need, not two but four hands to carry on their relations and life smoothly.
Hey! All beautiful ladies…
Think like a man
To defeat them at every step
Erase your girly thoughts
To replace them with manly one
Think like a man
Be strong from outside to defeat your enemy from inside outside
Be strong enough to build your own world
Don’t let anyone take advantage of your weakness
Speak less do more
I like being on my own
Be strong enough to bear any storm

A really strong women accepts the war she went through and is ennobled by her scars

Beauty of a girl not only resides in her face; it’s in her nature; her attitude and her heart
I just adore my own company
Girls are superior enough to bear any situation and no one can make them feel inferior till they appreciate themselves.

Fly with your dreams and make your dreams touch the sky