If a man has to spend a life of women

Hey guys just imagine that what would have happened if a man has to replace a woman.
Once a man requested god to grant his wish to spend a life of his wife for a day. God granted his wish for one day and now here the siyappa starts…

Are you ready for the party, Baby? The wife screamed!We are getting late for the party.
Baby, I’m not getting which hairstyle should I try and just look at this nail print…Bullshit!! It’s of so much bad quality that it’s taking too much time in getting dry.
Man draping saree
Baby please come and help me in draping the saree. Oh my god!!! After draping the saree I have to tackle these high heels. My goodness, how would I be able to manage with these heavy earrings?
Man wearing makeup
Baby should we cancel the program of going to the party.
No problem baby then just go into the kitchen and prepare dinner. I’m feeling very hungry. Husband reacted…What a siyappa god!Just came out of one mess to get into the another one, how to cope up with the irony of the situation?
Man chopping vegetables
Ouch! my finger is injured. My god what a siyappa again. It seems as if I’m kneading a dough of water instead of wheat flour. This home has become hoosegow for me. It’s better to be a man than to be a woman. Oh god, i am better off being a man. But God replied that now I can’t convert you to your original form for nine months because last night you got pregnant. Again one more siyappa.