Music is an art to keep the stress apart. Music feeds the soul and touches the body. May they be youngsters, children or old ones all need music to refresh their moods and come out of stress. Few songs will make you dance even though you are a bad dancer. You can find yourself tapping your leg on the floor to the beats. Few will make you feel energized, few will make you determined and focused. If you are feeling low, there are many good songs which can get back your mood to normal or make you feel happy.
It wakes every cell in your body and makes you feel alive. In fact, researches have shown that listening to music will make you more active and help improve your concentration and memory. Music speaks the language one cannot express in words.

Where words leave off, music begins

It is the way of expressing feelings. Its rhythm vibrates the senses and gives wings to one’s imaginations. Music gives way out for many tuff situations. It gives wings to one’s dreams. When a person is stressed out he prefers to listen to music to lower down the stress.

Music is not just a music, it is an important part of life without which life seems to boring and unnatural.

Music gives words to one’s silence, it makes the soul shine
During celebrations, it is a bottle of wine
Its the mirror of one’s feelings.
It improves our lives dealings
It adds beauty to life
It sets us free from the prison of stress
Helps us to cope up with life’s mess
It says what words can’t describe
And can explain feelings of any kind
Music makes us love life
It makes our life more bright
Turn up the volume, close your eyes and let the music take over your soul.

Waves of music enter the heart, blossoms the soul and make a person feels like heaven