Ankita Gabba

Seemingly an ace at multitasking, Ankita Gaba is a social media strategist, entrepreneur, consultant, lecturer and the co-founder of, an A to Z repository of Indian social media thoughts, ideas, trends, news and dialogue. She was previously one of the founders of Superchooha, an online media strategist for the likes of Colors, Zapak, Mahindra, Ponds and Idea Cellular. Her accolades include being in the list of “Global Top 100 Social Media Agencies and Consultants 2012-13″ and “50 Indian Women to Follow on Twitter”, among others. She has in-depth expertise at all things social media and helps social media agencies build teams and a network of processes for their ventures. She has previously worked as a PR executive at Spin Communique, Spin Media and Universal Communications, Mumbai.

Success doesn’t find you rather you have to go out and get it.


She is a detailed oriented, passionate and a hardworking entrepreneur who loves operations and processes and have a hunger to grow and learn each day. She believes in persevering against all odds.

Ankita Gabba

When she was running her own social media agency, which was her first startup, her team used to research a lot online to learn about new trends and platforms and their uses. But they never really found anything that was contextual to our Indian scenario. So, she realised that there is this gap that no one is filling. No one is aggregating all the good work that is happening in the Indian social media industry. And that’s why she started Social Samosa.


She shares a special message to with all SHEROES that there might be times when we want to give up and find it too hard to face the harsh realities of running a business. But those thoughts and emotions are momentary. At those moments we have to look at all the handwork we have done and all that we have achieved and re-determine to continue and never give up.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for