The most Haunted place of India:- Bhangarh Fort

The Bhangarh fort was built by the Kachwaha ruler of Amber, Raja Bhagwant Singh, for his younger son Madho Singh in 1573 AD. Madho Singh’s brother was the celebrated Man Singh, who was Akbar’s general. Madho Singh was succeeded by his son Chatr Singh. It was Chatr Singh’s son Ajab Singh who built the fort of Ajabgarh. Though it was midday, it seemed quite lonely, and a long walk, so we hired a local guide. Guides, after all, tell the most colourful tales and sensational gossip. The fort is situated at the edge of a lusciously green expanse of Sariska Tiger Reserve between Alwar and Jaipur and is not very far away from Delhi either. The fort was clearly modelled upon the medieval city of Shahjahanabad, with four massive wooden gates in every direction. The precincts of the fort have ornately carved a miniature waterfall and temples which lend an air of tranquillity to the place during the better part of the day. The remnants of some palaces within the fort are clear indicators of the fort’s prosperity during its heydey. The fort would have been a tourist hotspot for its serene atmosphere during the day and the architectural marvel that the fort is, and as a matter of fact, it is. It is a tourist attraction and it does attract hordes of tourists during the day, but for all the wrong reasons.


According to history, there are basically two facts behind the Bhangarg Fort

The first fact behind the Bhangarh Fort claims that Princess Ratnavati of Bhangarh was responsible for the apocalyptic situation which befell the fort. This beautiful princess Ratnavati, who was the daughter of Chatr Singh. She was the jewel of Rajasthan. Ratnavati was much younger than her stepbrother Ajab Singh and was as universally liked as he was disliked. Tales of her beauty and delightful temperament spread far and wide and she received many marriage proposals. A Tantrik priest, who was well versed in black magic, fell in love with her. But knowing that he didn’t stand a chance with the beautiful princess, he tried to cast a spell on her. Seeing the princess’ maid buying perfume for her in the village, he cast a spell on it so that Ratnavati would fall in love with him. Ratnavati came to know of this and threw the bottle. It turned into a boulder and hit the Tantrik. He was crushed under its weight, but before he died, he cursed the princess, her family, and the entire village. The next year, a battle was fought between the forces of Bhangarh and Ajabgarh, which led to the death of Ratnavati and most of the army. It was due to this curse that no one in the village or fort could be reborn; it is forever condemned to desolation and is inhabited by ghosts. If any villager tries to build a roof, it apparently mysteriously collapses.


Here we are with the second fact behind the Bhangar Fort.Apparently, there was a sadhu, Guru Balu Nath, living on top of the hill on which Raja Bhagwant Singh built the fort. His only condition for letting the fort be built there was that it should never cast a shadow on his dwelling. This condition was honoured by all except Ajab Singh, who added columns to the fort that cast a shadow on the ascetic’s house. The angry sadhu’s curse led to the ruin of the fort and the surrounding villages. A small stone hut, known as Tantrik ki chhatri, overlooks the fort.

The truth seems to be that after Chatr Singh’s death since Ajab Singh had already established a new fort, the population of the area dwindled. A famine in 1783 forced the remaining villagers to seek new avenues. In 1720, Raja Jai Singh, grandson of Man Singh, attached Bhangarh to his estate. The Bhangarh Fort haunted is like other forts in Rajasthan and is surprisingly well preserved. Its ramparts and fortifications stand amidst the ruins of the ghost town by the same name. Legends have it that the fort and the surrounding establishments around it once buzzed with life. Then something happened along with a chain of other unfortunate incidents which led to the doom of the place within a very short span of time.

Bhangarh Fort Haunted stories

Bhangarh Fort’s haunted stories are famous not only all over the country but also all over the world. A number of Bhangarh Fort haunted stories have been reported which span over a long time. Locals refer to this place as the ‘bhoot bangla’ or haunted house, claiming that the palace is abuzz with paranormal activity. Ghosts and ghouls are rumoured to roam Bhangarh fort, with strange noises and bizarre activities being commonplace. Tourists claim to have seen ghostly apparitions along with the reports of music and dancing coming from within the city and fortress.

One of the Bhangarh Fort incidents is that of two young boys, who decided to spend a night in the fort but never returned home. Similar to this tragic incident, another boy decided to visit the fort during the night with lighting equipment but fell in a steep well located in the middle of the fort. Although he was rescued immediately by his friends while he was being rushed to the hospital, the car got crushed in an accident and all three died on the spot.


There is yet another incident related to Bhangarh Fort according to which a troupe of few youngsters, who went to explore the place met with eerie incidents while they were returning from the place. It is said that in a bus of around 50 people, while this group was sitting on 5th or 6th seat, only they got gravely injured. Another urban legend claims that group of tourists once bribed the keeper of the fort to let them inside the complex of the Bhangarh fort after nightfall. The keeper let them in with a stern warning that it wasn’t advisable to go inside the fort at that time. In spite of the warnings, the group ventured into the realms of the fort, where they noticed a boy sitting alone inside one of the rooms.The creepy part was that there were no accessible doors or windows in the room!


It is completely forbidden to stay inside Bhangarh Fort at Night. ASI has put up boards at several spots in Bhangarh warning against staying in the premises after sunset and before the sun rises. You can hear strange noises from inside the fort premises during night time and the air gets charged with an uneasy heaviness. It is said that spirits roam inside the closed gates at these hours and the place becomes a hotbed for paranormal activities. In fact, if the locals are to be believed, whoever who has attempted to stay back in the fort or the nearby area after dark, has never returned to tell their tale.

Some locals feel that one spirit that haunts the area is that of the magician Singhia, and will rid itself of it only once the princess returns to the palace. All in all, if one is looking for some ghost and adventure hunting, or is looking exclusively for the Bhangarh haunted experience, then these mystical and alluring ruins make up for a sure shot winner.