Why personality matters more than beauty

Beauty is a temporary thing in our life. Its the external beauty, it is like a guest, it comes in our youth but leaves us gradually as we become older. However, the personality or the internal beauty is the one that remains dominant over the physical appearance, and it is our personality that makes us what we become.


Your looks can’t make you interesting, at least not for long or not in a good way. Being interesting is how you grab people’s attention, making personality important virtually whenever you’re in a social setting. Think about the most interesting person you know, and the prettiest/most handsome person you know. Who would you rather be stuck in a room with? Being interesting is also not something that you can fake; just ask all the people who try and fail to do exactly that. Being interesting depends almost entirely on your personality, so if your personality is great then you’re all set.


Good looks may help you get into a conversation with a guy or girl you like, but if you have a boring personality the conversation is as far as it will go. Personality is important to continue that relationship beyond that first meet.
It is completely natural that someone who is better looking can establish a relationship faster, but, one question remains, how long will that union last? This depends on a person and what he or she is looking for? In addition to this, good physical attributes can allow you to be more socially acceptable and provide you with more opportunities to interact with people. On the other hand, people who don’t fulfil beauty standards are considered ugly and often discriminated and individuals who are less attractive will have fewer chance to meet more people.


Most of the time, others won’t need anything from you, but it’s always good to offer. Just letting the person know you’re there will help motivate them to start. And, who knows, maybe your skills can help.

Personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures