Teachers need to have great sense of humor

Every teacher’s goal is to be effective in the classroom and help students learn. Educators want their students to be eager and engaged. Humour has the power to fuel that engagement. Especially if humour doesn’t come naturally to you, it can be useful to research some jokes in advance. If you’re about to give a lecture on parts of speech, ask around: maybe your fellow grammarians know some good laughs about verbs! Practice telling a joke right at the beginning of your lecture, and see how it alters student engagement.


When students are laughing, they are paying attention. Humour keeps students on their toes, and if they know something funny is coming, they are more likely to remain on the same page as you.
Sometimes the teacher seems so much like the wise, distant person. A little laughter shows your students that you have the same feelings they do, and this makes you more trustworthy. The ability to laugh at your own mistakes, in particular, shows that you are humble and real.


Nothing feels quite so good as laughing alongside other people. Sharing jokes and funny moments will also give your students good memories to look back on.
Humour helps to lighten the mood when things feel too hard. Stressful math problem? Big research paper due next week? Of course, it’s important to honour your students’ feelings of stress, but a good laugh really helps everyone maintain perspective and remember that in the grand scheme of things, minor stressors are not such a big deal.
Its a kind of blessing for teachers is students feel comfortable with them. If students ask questions, are engaged in a discussion and appear very comfortable expressing their ideas and opinions means you are capable of winning the hearts of your students.


As a teacher became funnier, the number of voices in the classroom grows. Discussion flourish. Students who are shy or quiet speak up much more frequently. In fact, some are comfortable cracking jokes. Humour won’t work unless it’s genuinely yours. It’s about having the courage to reveal who you are during unrehearsed moments. And funnily enough, that goes for teaching, too.


A light-hearted atmosphere is often a good place for learning, especially for young people. Teachers with a sense of humour allow students to see the fun-loving side of them that is not found in the curriculum or lesson plans. Humour is a spontaneous event that is directly linked to the personality of the person who has it. It is meant to lighten the heart, create smiles, and go along with an overall sense of happiness. It is part of a teacher’s charm that is attached to his character. It is one of those important characteristics that students remember about a teacher. When an admirable teacher knows how to make learning fun, students are more likely to remember learning it. A fun learning experience is a memorable one.

Teachers great sense of humour can be a key to comfort zone for students