How to boost up SELF-CONFIDENCE

Self-confidence is something that needs years of nurture. And once gained then stays forever. But a person needs to work hard on it. It’s not always that if another person is having a different opinion regarding you means you are wrong and you lose your self-confidence. Sometimes it can be and one should learn from it rather than losing his/her confidence. It’s a necessity in life like one needs oxygen to survive likewise confidence is a necessity to survive in every field in life. So here we are with some tips for boosting self -confidence:-


Train your mind to be confident
Your brain is your best instructor so always try to feed your mind with positive thoughts as positivity leads to self-confidence automatically.


Never say I CAN’T rather say I CAN
No is an excuse you are giving to yourself which can be self destructor. Saying no to the things you can do means you are automatically losing your self-confidence. You should always try at least once before saying no.

Will power added with hard efforts always leads to positive results
Don’t let anyone play with your confidence


Never let yourself down
If you are up to something and you truly know that it’s worth it then doesn’t let yourself down with other person’s fake opinion and never allow his opinion to rule your mind and let you lose your confidence.


Overcome your fears
Once you try to overcome your fears then you yourself can’t let your confidence go down because your fears are the biggest hurdles in the path of working out for gaining your confidence.


Being appreciated boost up the confidence level
Try to do the deeds you think you could be appreciated for, at least once a day. Appreciation automatically boost up your confidence level.

Don’t give authority of your confidence in hands of other’s