Being a woman!
Being a woman is not easy.

The role of women in the management of household responsibilities is regarded to be of utmost significance. A woman is a multitasker. She can do two to three tasks at a time. She can manage the office work, household work and children simultaneously.


Management of household responsibilities is not an easy task. Individuals need to work diligently and pay adequate attention to all areas. There is a number of aspects, in terms of which individuals need to develop their skills and abilities and generate awareness. These include washing, cleaning, preparation of meals, repair work, looking after the furniture, infrastructure and other tools and equipment, child development and taking care of the needs and requirements of other family members.


Usually, women are the ones, who are required to make all the decisions, whether major or minor like Decision Making in Domestic Affair such as- purchase of different items from the market place of daily needs, such as, toiletries, towels, pillow covers, bed covers, and other items, which are utilized within the household. Another important factor is the purchase of food items and preparation of meals. Decision Making Regarding Finances such as- making purchases, travelling, learning and education and in bringing about improvements in the overall livelihoods of the individuals. Apart from meeting the daily livelihoods requirements, individuals are also required to make savings for the future. For instance, it has been observed, from the initial stage, parents make savings for their children, so they can provide them with good education and make their future secure. Hence, important decisions need to be made regarding savings. Various Tasks and Activities Outside the Home such as- social, cultural, economic, political, religious and creative activities. Their participation in these activities is primarily dependent upon their personality traits, age, interests and abilities.


Whether women are home-makers or self-employed or are employed in organizations and irrespective of their categories and backgrounds, they need to carry out the household management. Even when they are not educated, still they are trained in the implementation of household responsibilities. In the management of household responsibilities, they need to participate in decision making on different aspects, these are, participation in decision making in domestic affairs, participation in decision making regarding finances, participation in decision making regarding employment opportunities and participation in various tasks and activities outside the home.

Every woman is a masterpiece in her own way.