Demands of relationships

Have you ever wondered why to carry on relationships getting so hard day by day? There are multiple reasons for this question.
The most lacking thing in today’s youth generation is COMPROMISE. No one wants to make a compromise in any scenario whether they be men or women and not even the children of today’s generation. It may be because they are doing, what they are getting. Compromise is a need of any relationship but nowadays people think that why should we compromise our happiness or our needs for anyone then may it be their parents then too they want to compromise their happiness. They do the things which they think is good and satisfying for them.


We only try to understand a person if we actually have strings attached. But nowadays giving priority to anyone else above us is one of the biggest unexpected things. Though it’s not impossible as we are living in the world full of varieties so there may be some people who actually keep their loved ones prior to them but that number is very less. Although these few numbers of people do try to keep the best understanding platform to carry on their relationships smoothly, on the other hand, those who don’t give priority to their relationships have a big mountain of EGO which actually spoils the strong base of their relationships.


Quality time
We all have heard this that If you are giving time to anyone means you are sharing a part of your life with them. So this phrase is enough to make you understand that what is the importance of giving time in a relationship. Nowadays people are in a rush of making money to secure their future and forgets that their relationships are the long term assets. Though money is important for living so are relationships. A person should try to maintain a balance between their personal and professional life so as not to make their relationships suffer because of their professional life.

Try enjoying little thins and little moments in life.


World of technology
Another main and foremost barrier in smooth relationships is a technological world. Days start with checking phone and ends with the same. Even if your partner feels neglected because you are busy with your phone then too its a kind of addiction one can’t come over. At the cost of your relationships too one cant sacrifice their mobile addiction.

Personal Space
In the addiction to personal space, one creates so much space in the relationships that it later becomes difficult to fill that space
for instances:-
“I AM TIRED. PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE FOR SOMETIME”…And what then afterwards? You slept and the day ended. In spite of demanding personal space, you could have asked for the company of your partner, talked about some funny moments and made yourself felt good.
“MY MOOD IS NOT GOOD TODAY. PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE”. In spite of that, you could have talked about your bad mood to your partner and figured out the reasons for the same to avoid the situations that Baden your mood in future.


Before continuing with the same just remember one thing that you are creating the roots for future generations. Your children are observing the way you are carrying your relations so better to sow positive and fruitful seeds in them for their better future.

Don’t feel that relationships are a burden rather enjoy each and every little thing about it and see the magic.